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Grant Youth Baseball is focused on providing an opportunity for 7th & 8th Grade kids in the Grant community to play Intermediate baseball (13u and 14u) as well as enhance the experience for the younger kids through our local Little Leagues, Wilshire-Riverside and Hollywood/Rose City.


Grant Youth Baseball Board of Directors

Ryan Frank - President
Ryan has served as a coach, board member and program director for youth baseball programs in the Grant community since 2015. He coached his son and served on the board in the Hollywood-Rose City Little League and co-founded a 12-and-under tournament team program.
Michael Yudhishthu - Treasurer
Mike has served as a coach, board member, and President for Wilshire Riverside LL since 2014. He has helped found a 9U-12U program to continue develop baseball in the NE Portland community.
Zander Brown - Secretary
Zander has served as a coach and Safety officer for Wilshire Riverside LL since 2010. He has coached both his sons through all levels of baseball in NE Portland.
Jim MacCallum, Founder/Past President
Jim has spent more than a decade in every level of Grant community baseball. He has served as both coach and Board Member on Hollywood Rose City Little League. Jim is one of the founding members of Grant Youth Baseball. Jim's son, Dylan, is currently playing at Pepperdine
Andy Wagstaff, Founder/Past Treasurer
Andy has been coaching a variety of youth athletics in the Grant community for the last decade. He has coached at all ranks of Wilshire Riverside LL, and was part of the All-Star coaching staff in 2014. He helped coach the 2015 Generals 13Uu team, and will continue on with the 14u club in 2016, with Jim MacCallum.
Matt Farr - Founder
Matt has coached all three of his kids through Little League Baseball and Softball. He led the Wilshire Riverside LL team to the LL World Series in 2015
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Grant Youth Baseball Photo Gallery


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