Grant Youth Baseball and Junior Baseball Organization

GYB Baseball
Our primary goal is to provide a successful experience for all the kids who participate in Grant Youth Baseball and help develop the skills that are necessary to compete at the high school level. 

You must be registered to attend the tryout. Teams will be fielded at three levels based on the JBO model. Players will be placed on a team where their ability will allow them to be successful.


GYB offers baseball for 12, 13, and 14-year-olds seeking to increase skill level and get instruction in a more casual baseball experience. This is an instructional experience and we welcome multi-sport athletes that want to develop skills in the off-season.


Grant Youth Baseball is open to all players and will be a great alternative for players no matter where they are or will be attending school.

14U Travel Team
One team that is made up of primarily 14-year-olds that will play a JBO schedule at the Federal level (most competitive JBO division)
This team will also compete in 4-5 competitive tournaments and will travel in state and out of state. The team will play approximately 40-50 games.
13U Travel Team
A team that is made up of  13-year-olds that will play a JBO schedule at the American level.
This team will also compete in 3-4 competitive tournaments and will travel in state.  This team will play approximately 32-40 games.


JBO Teams
These teams will be made up of 12-14 year olds.  These teams may play at the American or National level.
There may be opportunities to play in 2-3 JBO tournaments on the weekends during the season.
These teams will play in State only. Teams will play approximately 25-30 games.


Grant Youth Baseball is dedicated to providing a high quality baseabll experience for the children and families of N/NE Portland. If you have any questions about which level might be best for your player, please contact us by clicking the "Contact Us" buttom below.

Grant Youth Baseball
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