Grant Youth Baseball Fall 2022 Information


We are a community based, non-profit, volunteer run program that seeks to help keep kids playing and developing in the game of baseball.  We are part of an incredible baseball community here in NE Portland bridging the gap between two thriving little leagues and a Grant High School program that was ranked #1 in the state last year.

GYB 2022 Spring highlights

  • Senior National U14 Silver - finished 2nd in JBO (out of 22 teams)

  • Senior National U13 White - finished 7th in JBO (out of 22 teams)

  • Senior American U14 White - finished 2nd in JBO and JBO county tournament champions

  • Senior American U13 Blue - finished 1st in JBO and 3rd in JBO county tournament

  • Senior Federal U14 Blue - finished 2nd in JBO and 2nd in JBO county tournament


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